Manage Your Tools! What I thought:

The presentation was very well done. I loved the way the everything look, it was beautiful beyond belief. The problem I had was in the scavenger hunt. I tried getting past the reading room but could never find the italian book on good manners. past that it was a very enjoyable experience. I learned some italian and met some very nice people before the presentation started. Afterward went to explore the rest of the island. Went back to this beautiful garden area I ran into accident when doing the scavenger hunt. full of trees and bird life I felt astounded on how well it complemented the architecture of the buildings in front of it.Within the garden was a very exquisite looking gazebo. Over all I felt the presentation and the stage it was done upon made a very lasting impression. I look forward to th next time I meet this team again in high hopes that they can keep their next presentation as exciting and intriguing as this one.

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Welcome our Student Bloggers!

Stylianos Mystakidis

( Stylianos Mystakidis – RL; Stylianos Ling – SL)

About: Driven by a powerful desire to help real people in real life, I explore innovative ways
to unleash the educational potential of virtual worlds and educational technology in general.

Second Life Avatar: Stylianos Ling
Blog: (Alive Learning)
Learning institution represented: University of Washington
Website: University of Washington – Certificate in Virtual Worlds
website :
About their virtual world program:
Learn to use immersive virtual environments to enhance business, social and educational interactions within all types of organizations. Examine methods for creating increasingly sophisticated virtual worlds that incorporate game theory, 3D environments and information science. Explore an emerging movement to create green workplaces by using virtual location alternatives to reduce the need for commuting and business travel. Learn exclusively in a virtual world environment through a hands-on and practical educational approach.
University Program Point of Contact: Kristi Palmer
Program Manager, Academic Programs
University of Washington Educational Outreach
Second Life URL: University of Washington will be hosting the FCVW blogging event at the Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder Island’s main auditorium ;

Stasia Weston

(Aevalle with Speirling storm background cropped)

About: Stasia Weston (SL: Aevalle Galicia) is currently working on a Ph.D. in Instructional Design
and Development at the University of South Alabama. She works at USA’s Innovation in Learning Center where she is team leader for their work in Virtual Worlds and Social Media. She holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing (also from the University of South Alabama) and a B.F.A. in Theatrical Design from the University of Mississippi. Stasia is currently working on her dissertation which is focused on using virtual tourism as a learning community-building tool.
Second Life Avatar: Aevalle Galicia

Learning institution represented: University of South Alabama: Innovation in Learning Center
About their virtual world program: Virtual Worlds provide unique social learning environments.
The ILC is proud to be a founder of and steward for the University of South Alabama’s virtual campus in Second Life®, Jaguarland, as well as our secondary office site, Number 6 Cybrary Square (just north of the Ed-Tech sim). For the past two years, we’ve hosted weekly Thursday night tours of educational sites throughout the grid. Research is now being conducted on how such virtual tours can be a useful tool in teambuilding within a learning community. Graduate Instructional Design students have made the island their own, having weekly study sessions—for this purpose, the Jaguarland Graduate Gardens and Manorhouse Skybox was created, complete with a garden full of presentation screens so visitors can learn while they walk around the flora.

The Mobile Bay Lighthouse Gallery is currently displaying photography by graduate student Antonia Jokelova. USA was also represented with a slot at the 2010 Virtual Worlds: Best Practices in Education conference. For local educators wanting to learn more about using virtual worlds in education, or wanting educational space at Jaguarland, we have the South Alabama Educators in Second Life interest group. The group’s blog site is .

University Program Point of Contact: Head of ILC: Dr. Jack Dempsey phone: 251/380-2752
Second Life URL: Jaguarland LandmarksBayboat Welcome Center —
Jag Guardian Village —
LoDa Classrooms —
Mobile Bay Lighthouse —
Swampbox —

Trevyn Slusser

(Aubrey Ghoststar in Second Life)

About: My name is Trevyn, I’m currently a student at Front Range community college and I’m
studying environmental science and botany. I like rainy days and reading a good book, even more so on rainy days.
Second Life Avatar: Aubrey Ghoststar
Blog: FCVW Blog:
Learning institution represented: Front Range Community College
About their virtual world program: Front Range Community College/ Online Learning At Front Range Community College, we understand how busy your life is. Each semester FRCC offers more than 350 online classes you can take from the office over your lunch break, from home while the kids are sleeping, or even from a coffee shop in a faraway place – anywhere you have time and an internet connection.
University Program Point of Contact: Kae Novak
Online Learning
Front Range Community College
Phone: 303-404-5513
Second Life URL: Front Range Island SLurl:

Kae Novak
(Kavon Zenovka)

About: Instructional Designer at Front Range Community College; Currently attending Boise
State University
Second Life Avatar: Kavon Zenovka
Learning institution represented: Boise State University
About their virtual world program: In the Department of Educational Technology, it’s your
Quality graduate degrees from a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction
An internationally recognized faculty and exceptional staff to support your education
An interactive, networked-learning approach to achieve your career goals, fully online
University Program Point of Contact: Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
Dept. of Educational Technology
Boise State University
Chair-Elect, ARVEL SIG
Co-Chair, Mobile Learning SIG
208.426.5430 Office
208.869.6612 Mobile/SMS
Second Life URL: Boise State University’s EDTECH island :
CAVE: (Community of Academic Virtual Educators)
home of AECT_ SL, iNACOL and ARVEL SIG:

…A special thanks to Beverly McCarter for coordinating this effort!

Bev Landar (SL) / Beverly Gay McCarter (RL)
Beverly Gay McCarter, principle of Human Mosaic Systems, LLC, (HMS) is certified in the areas of Self Organizing Systems for Complex Environments and in Virtual Worlds (June 2011, University of Washington). While working at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, she helped coordinate and execute the efforts of the Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds’ to bring the Federal Government into virtual worlds. Ms. McCarter is an architect of virtual world environments focusing on the psychology of the avatar and virtual worlds, as well as the complexity and impact of the aesthetics of 3D immersive environments on complex human systems. She is a Solution Provider for Linden Labs’ Second Life virtual world.

Ms. McCarter also facilitates group discussions untangling the “wicked problems” of social interactions that overwhelm today’s organizational structures. Examples include the Managing and Engineering Complex Situations Forum’s 2 day workshop involving diverse complexity experts hosted by the MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA, as well as with the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.

Many of the principles applied in those formats are discussed in McCarter and White’s “Leadership in a Decentralized World” (forthcoming by Taylor and Francis Publications, NY, NY), McCarter and White’s “Emergence of SoS, Socio-Cognitive Aspects” (Chapt 3, M. Jamshidi, “System of Systems Engineering- Principles and Applications”, 2007 ). as well as B.G. McCarter, “2008 MECS Summit: A Workshop on Complex Situations”, (Chapt. 1 in “Managing and Engineering in Complex Situations”, edited by Kovacic and Sousa-Poza – forthcoming by Springer Publishers).

In addition, Ms. McCarter is an award winning artist focusing on human dynamics and the inherent effects of complexity and the edge of chaos on human consciousness. Her work emphasizes the ability to “see” multiple perspectives and complexity of who we are and our relationships with others.

Contact information:

Beverly G. McCarter, principal
Human Mosaic Systems, LLC
1-731-431-1596 c

Websites: ;
Twitter: ;
YouTube Channel: ;
Blog: ;
SL: Bev Landar
SL: HMS Center Region 199/ 168/ 136
HMS Center in Second Life SLurl:

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Welcome to the FCVW Con 2011 Blog

FCVWCon2011logoThis year the FCVW, in conjunction with the University of Washington, is hosting bloggers from universities and community colleges that have programs utilizing virtual worlds. The bloggers will be writing about the presentations, speakers, and events occurring at this year’s 2011 Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds conference at the National Defense University in Washington, DC scheduled for May 11-13.

The University of Washington will host one of the live streams of the 2011 FCVW Conference into Second Life at the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Island’s main auditorium where the bloggers will be attending: ; . The bloggers will also be covering special events in the various virtual worlds into which the FCVW conference will be live streaming, as well as blogging about the Virtual Government Poster Session hosted in 3DXplorer.

VastPark, 3Dxplorer, TechWizards, web.alive, Metanomics, and IRMC Island are also hosting this year’s conference stream.  Student bloggers and other participants can explore these other virtual world venues for a wider range of unique experiences.  See the conference web site for more information on how you can participate virtually:


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