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I'm a student at Front Range Community College going for my associates in Science. I hope to transfer out to a four year college and finish up with a bachalors in environmental science and a minor in botany.

Manage Your Tools! What I thought:

The presentation was very well done. I loved the way the everything look, it was beautiful beyond belief. The problem I had was in the scavenger hunt. I tried getting past the reading room but could never find the italian book on good manners. past that it was a very enjoyable experience. I learned some italian and met some very nice people before the presentation started. Afterward went to explore the rest of the island. Went back to this beautiful garden area I ran into accident when doing the scavenger hunt. full of trees and bird life I felt astounded on how well it complemented the architecture of the buildings in front of it.Within the garden was a very exquisite looking gazebo. Over all I felt the presentation and the stage it was done upon made a very lasting impression. I look forward to th next time I meet this team again in high hopes that they can keep their next presentation as exciting and intriguing as this one.

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